What is a Loss Assessor?

A Loss Assessor is deemed an insurance expert who is employed by the client/policyholder to negotiate insurance claims on their behalf.  A Loss Assessor uses his/her expertise and industry knowledge to handle all types of claims, insured perils and frequently complex paperwork. The Loss Assessor will deal directly with Insurers and their representatives taking away the stress and strain  from the Insured. The Loss Assessors fee is payable by the Insured.

Value at Risk Survey

A Value at Risk survey is a report that provides an accurate assessment on how much your property/business is valued for the purposes of insurance. A Value at Risk survey enables the policyholder to evaluate the adequacy of their insurance cover. This can highlight under insurance, if any in the occurrence of a future insurance claim.

Under-insurance occurs if the amount in which the property is insured is less than the value of the property. In the event of a claim whereby the business/property is under insured then the policy holder will experience a loss in the settlement of their claim. Our in-house Quantity Surveyors/Loss Assessors will carry out a detailed measured survey of the risk and will prepare, compile and report the findings in a format that is easily understandable to the Insured/Client.