Our Procedure

On receipt of a claim notification, HKP will do the following:

  1. Contact the insured and arrange a mutually convenient appointment for one of our consultants to attend
  2. Quickly assess the extent of the loss and advise on the next course of action, e.g. arrange for alternative accommodation, interim payment cheque etc.
  3. Notify the claim to the Insurers
  4. Meet and liaise with the insurance company’s representative or loss adjustor and professionally represent our clients interests.
  5. Compile claim details on behalf of the Insured and enter into settlement negotiations on their behalf.
  6. Endeavor to settle claims efficiently and as effectively as possible, so as to ensure that the client receives fair and reasonable compensation under the terms of the Policy.
  7. In any event, ensure that our client’s rights under the terms of the policy are fully protected.
  8. Keep the insurance broker and client fully advised of developments as the claim process continues.
  9. Attend, where necessary, even after the claim is settled, e.g. to arrange for the release of retentions in building repair works.
  10. Remove the burden and time constraints placed on the client in representing themselves.