Rebuild Calculator

Use our rebuild calculator below to estimate your rebuild costs.

Step 1: Location & Size



The values given in this calculator are indicative only and may not reflect actual rebuilding costs. The values are based on those provided by the Irish Society of Chartered Surveyors (
It is important to note that the foregoing values are the minimum values that you should use in calculating your sums insured for rebuilding and are based on the assumption that your property is located in a region where competitive rebuilding quotations are available to you in order to allow to achieve 'value for money' in the rebuilding process.
The figures are based on estate-type houses built in Dublin, Cork and other areas since the 1960s, if you have a different type of home, this calculator is not suitable.
The costs do not include any allowance for contents. A separate insurance policy for contents is required.
For more information, please consult the Irish Society of Chartered Surveyors rebuilding costs guide here